Set your Care Standards Higher by setting a daily schedule to assist you with TIME OUT for your needs and also to create a routine for the Older Adult that you are caring for.

1. Set up a time to wake up, get dressed and have breakfast. Perhaps you get up earlier to give you some alone time to meditate and get your day going...then schedule the person's day.

2. Set up a time for your loved one to relax while you take 15 minutes to do deep breathing and stretching.

3. Diffuse Lavender Oil in the main living area to assist your loved one to relax. Or perhaps burn a candle or have fresh flowers in the room. This brings in nature and helps with depression.

4. Find an exercise that the person did in the past like walking and set up a daily walk when weather permits. Take photo's along the walk, stop and smell the flowers, view the sky and enjoy the natural surroundings on your journey. This will help assist with fighting depression and putting the person in touch with nature.

5. Set aside time to exercise each day is good for all involved. Especially a person with Dementia that can not initiate the activity on their own.

6. Have a lunch, perhaps nap time and dinner schedule to keep them in a normal routine.

7. Remind them the day and time and join their journey as often as needed.

8. Include if possible the person in the scheduling, planning and goal setting if they are capable of doing this. If not, then you as the caregiver provide the structure for them and for you.

9. This type of scheduling may benefit sleep, reduce challenging behaviors, and in general evoke relaxation and quiet time for all involved.

10. ALWAYS TAKE TIME FOR YOU AT SOME POINT IN THE DAY... 10-15 minute rest and quiet periods are required to help you decompress and function on a level that will benefit the person you are caring for.

Contact us if you need a RESPITE....We have over 13 years of experience assisting families with caring for older adults and helping you navigate the senior care and housing maze.



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