This is a reminder for FAMILIES with WARTIME VETERAN'S out there that THEY may be eligible for additional benefits. There are some benefits for every Veteran who served during a time of conflict and some for the surviving spouse of the Veteran. If your family member is no longer able to live independently, please contact us for a free consultation. We can go over options based on clinical, financial and geographical needs and educate you on financial options including the VA Benefits that may be out there for your loved one. Please contact us for further information on Senior Care and Housing Options for your loved one's.

The 2017 AWARD AMOUNTS are as follows:

Married Veterans $2,127/month

Single Veterans $1,794/month

Surviving Spouse $1,153/month

If you have a Veteran or Surviving Spouse that may qualify for this program. Please feel free to contact A Foundation for Elder Care for more information.

Please share to anyone you know that has a family member or friend in need of Senior Care.

Colleen Nilsen, CSA

(714) 342-8692



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