Independent Living Retirement Community

Camarillo, California

This type of community is perfect for individuals who do not require any medical care or personal care. They are truly 100% independent and choose not to live alone or at their own home.  Most communities are equipped with standard safety features to make it easier for the residents to get around.  It is a great place for seniors to be with others that share similar interests.  Many activities are planned by the community, including day field trips, shopping excursions, casino trips, arts and crafts, music, social and family fun and holiday events off and on the property.  Most communities offer optional meal plans for residents and the majority of apartments are equipped with a kitchen so the resident can prepare their own meals.  Most of the Independent Communities require that residents be 62 or older, with the average age around 75.  Also known as Retirement Communities, Congregate Living


Payment Source- Private Pay

Cost: $980 - $4000.00

Average Cost: $2500.00




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